I’m the Gaffer Construction Podcast With Paul McDevitt

by | Jun 19, 2024 | 0 comments

What opportunities exist for construction companies to better attract and retain talent?

While the construction industry faces challenges in perception and career progression, focusing on developing a strong company culture and values alignment could help attract and engage the best people. With a clear vision and strategy communicated throughout the organisation, employees would understand how their work contributes to business goals. Investing in people through training and mentorship shows commitment to ongoing professional growth.

Those efforts, combined with competitive compensation and benefits, may attract ambitious candidates seeking fulfilling long-term careers. By prioritising talent recruitment and development, construction firms can build a dedicated workforce to navigate industry challenges and drive sustainable success.

About McDevitt & Co

Paul McDevitt, Managing Director has operated in the construction industry since 1995. In 2003, before McDevitt & Co, he set up Business Fix Limited, a specialist construction consultancy, which worked with over 300 SME’s and large corporates from across all sections of the UK construction industry, including contractors, architects, engineers, surveyors, specialist suppliers, professional bodies, trade associations and even Government.


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